Tips on Clean Hot Tub Water

Tips on Hot Tub Care


Follow these suggestions to maintain the cleanest spa water with the least amount of chemicals and water changes:

Set rules for all spa tub users, that way you are not offending anyone when you request they shower before entering your tub. Try to make them understand that any detergent residue in their bathing suits, lotions and oil based skin creams, hair spray and styling products can easily cloud the water and cause foam, necessitating a partial water change at least, when too much builds up.  Let everyone know that it is not a bathtub to get clean in, but one to be entered into already freshly cleaned, and all users will benefit. It can be awkward to ask people to shower, but they just need to know the consequences of unwanted chemicals and oils in a spa.  You might want to have bobby pins, elastic bands, bathing caps, etc. on hand for people to pin their hair up. Since Enzyme Based Water Treatment Systems are particularly good at breaking down theses oils that do come off our bodies, we’ve been recommending them to our clients for over 10 years with great success to help bring the water back to where it should be and maintain Clean Hot Tub Water.

You can test to see if there is an oil film on the still water’s surface by dropping a single drop of dish detergent to see if it breaks the surface tension of an oil film.  Some spa owners use floating skimmers to attract and hold on to the oil, or a new tennis ball will also do the trick.

Purge Spa WaterAnother reason that we use the enzyme based water treatment systems is that since they are so good at targeting organic matter, they help keep pipes from forming a bio-film, which can create an unhealthy environment and clog pipes. So not only does less bio-film build up, but enzyme based products make the process of flushing the pipes using another enzyme based purge product before re-filling your tub a quicker process. Flushing the pipes with the help of a purge product is key to keeping your tub water at the sterile levels you want it.  Some people run the pumps for 20 minutes, some run it for hours. How long you use the purge product to clean the pipes depends on the state of your tub, products you’ve been using, and the manufacturers recommendations, but know your own tub and usage, and do the very best you can with this important step!

The enzyme based water treatment products are not only easy on your body but are also easier on the environment and grass lawns, etc.

Depending on use, drain your hot tub totally every 3 or 4 months, and if need be you can also do a partial water change to bring the water back to appropriate levels. Be inventive with the all important filter system and help it out where you can, even if it just placing a nylon stocking over the lower return inlet as well as the hose used to fill the spa, to catch any debris. You can also stick the hose head right into the spa filter when refilling. It is good to time the first filling of your spa so you know can time future fills.

Clean Hot Tub Shell with VinegarWhen the tub is empty, you can use a 25% vinegar solution to wipe the shell down.  If there are areas that really need a scrub, we like to use vinegar and baking soda in small amounts at a time, to avoid dumping harsh chemicals into the spa water. If you do end up using a cleaning agent, it is so worth the extra time to rinse the spa really well.

To Bromine or Not To Bromine – That is the Question!Bromine is used to clean hot tub water by keeping the bacteria and algae levels down and there is much written about it. Investigate the pros and cons yourself, before adding chemicals. Check your water regularly with a testing kit, 4 or 5 times a week, and do what you have to keep it at safe sanitary levels and for many hot tub owners that means using Bromine. Take your time and measure carefully when adding any chemicals to your spa water, both for the safety of bathers and spa parts. If you use Bromine, it should be 1 to 5 ppm. We recommend Brominating Pucks containing the Microbicidal Bactericide and Algicide to insert Bromine into your spa water.

You want a spa made by a manufacturer that has designed a really efficient filtration system, as this is not an area to skimp on quality.

Hot Tub FiltersClean your filter once a month. Some use commercial chemical sprays, but we avoid such products. You can use the power of the dishwasher instead. Some people choose to spray hose the filter to loosen debris, then soak it in a cleaner designed for filters, and spray again really well to rinse away dirt and cleaning solution. You can also use a power washer if you are lucky enough to have one. It is a good idea to keep extra filters on hand for unexpected replacements.

Achieving the safest, cleanest spa water is our thing, so if you have questions about maintaining healthy and clean water environments without a lot of chemicals, that also keep the workings of you spa in good shape, give us a call at 905-409-1911, or visit our Mississauga Hot Tub Showroom until Nov. 2015, or our main Hot Tub Store in North Pickering, where we stock a variety of hot tub water treatment products and accessories to keep your tub in optimum shape.

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