Swim Spa 19 ft DUAL ZONE

It's here!  We have been waiting for the 19 ft Dual Zone Spa and extremely excited to announce its arrival in our line of quality swim spas by Four Winds Spas.  The 19 ft Swim Spa XL19000 model provides the soothing luxury of a hot tub on one side and and the fun and fitness intensity of a workout experience on the other side. It is 91″ x 277″ x 55″ in total which is 7.58 ft 19 ft x 4.58 ft.  The many advantages to having a hot tub on one side and a swim spa on the other, include separate controls over temperatures, water flow and power in each spa zone. This is helpful when managing maintenance and energy costs as well.  The XL 19000 SWIM SPA / HOT TUB DUAL ZONE model has a total of 54 Max Pro Jets and 6 Turbo Jets with an Ultra Spa Pump in both Zones.

PDF of XL 19000 SWIM SPA Spec Sheet

Watch the 19 ft swim spa SPA River Jets in action on this FOUR WINDS SPAS DUAL ZONE SWIM SPA and HOT TUB Combination Spa.


Download XL 19000 SWIM SPA Spec Sheet – 19 ft


 19 FT Swim Spa / Hot Tub Combo
Dimensions: 91″ x 227″ x 55″
Volume: 2,400 Gal / 9,058 L
Dry Wt: 3,255 lbs / 1,476 kg
Filled Wt: 23,271 lbs / 10,555 kg
Dimensions: 91″ x 162″ x 55″
Seating: 3 People
Jets: 24 Max Pro Jets + 6 Turbo Jets
Pumps: 2 Viper Pumps + 1 Ultra Spa Pump
Pack: EL8KP5 Series
Shell: Diamondiod XTR
Controls: Balboa Spa Touch Controls
Heater: 5.5 kw
Filtration: 200 sq. ft Ultra-Pure Filtration
Dimensions: 91″ x 65″ x 55″
Seating: 5 People
Jets: 30 Max Pro Jets
Pumps: 1 Balboa Spa Pump
Pack: VS300 Series
Shell: Diamondiod XTR
Controls: VL406U (Topside)
Heater: 5.5 kw
Filtration: 50 sq. ft Ultra-Pure Filtration

Standard Equipment

Spa Touch Balboa Screen Wifi Ready
Auxiliary Swim Jet Controls
2 Water Show Features
Swim Tether
LED Perimeter Lights
Ozone System
2 LED Cup holders
Ergonomic Design
LED Backlit Turbo Swim Jets
Spa Side LED Rainbow light
Swim Side LED Rainbow light
Hot Tub Cabinets
Slate  Mocha
Hot Tub Covers
Slate  Mahogany
Shells: Platinum Swirl
Shells made by Aristech and Lucite

19 Ft Dual Zone Spa Options

WiFi Module
FROG Sanitation System (Cartridges extra)
Swim Spa Steps
Liquid Fragrance Injector
Back Lit Jets & Diverter Pack
Ipod Media Dock
Bluetooth / FM Stereo
Sub Woofer
Hydraulic Spa Cover Lift