How to Choose a Hot Tub

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Four-Winds-Spas-Cabo-II-Hot-Tub– Style and layout that best suits your needs is a major factor.  Consider the practical, ergonomic and comfort aspects when picking seats such as: lounge seats, deep seats, shallower seats. Also have a good look at the neck rests and how many jets are pointing to those muscles, since that is a favourite area for therapeutic massage. Each model orients the seats differently. Sit in the tub and make sure you are really comfortable with the size, colour, combination of seats, headrests, jets and power levels.

The Number of Seats, Jets and Pumps plays an important role in not only determining the therapeutic benefits, but affects the initial cost of the tub and ongoing energy costs. Most Hot Tubs run in the 1, 2 and 3 Pumps range.

 Synthetic vs Wood Cabinets.  Natural wood requires annual refinishing to maintain appearance and prevent rot, whereas Maintenance Free Synthetic Materials cut down on time and effort to keep them looking great.

Night-time-Spa-relaxation.– When buying a Swim Spa, consider the size and power of the river jets.  Most tubs range from 12′ to 20′, and make an ideal alternative to a built-in large pool.  You can set the current to suit your swimming pace, use tethers to keep you in place and also use rowing equipment against the resistance of the water.  Most swim spas have less seating compared to the hot tubs.

Read the Specs to find details such as the filled weight to help decide where the spa can go.  Make sure the area is sturdy enough and you have lots of room for the spa, away from over hanging trees and bushes, parts of building that will continually drip water which could form ice.

There are many facets to the question of ‘How to Choose a Hot Tub’.  Drop by NashCan’s Pickering Hot Tub Store if you have more questions regarding selecting the best spa for your home.

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