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NASHCAN SPAS feature quality FOUR WINDS SPAS Hot Tub and Swim Spas, ergonomically designed for comfort, relaxation, therapy, recreation and fitness.

Whatever type of spa you desire to achieve the combination of comfort, relaxation, therapy and fitness for you, your family and friend, we’re sure to have the right fit for you in our diverse assortment of Four Winds Spas Hot Tubs and Swim Spas in all shapes and sizes.

NashCan Spas has featured Four Winds Spas for over 10 years, bringing our favourite hot tub and swim spa models to our customers, based on a combination of the ergonomic design, comfort, number and placement of jets and pumps, features, options, customer feedback, quality and value for the money. Whether you prefer relaxation spas, therapeutic spas, aquatic exercise spas, let us help you find the best Four Winds Spas swim spa or hot tub for you.

Contact us at 905-409-1911 or info@nashcanspas.com or visit our Hot Tub Store in Pickering at Hwy 7 and Brock Rd (See Map) and our new Mississauga location at 1911 Dundas Street East (See Map)

Mississauga Hot Tub Store Mississauga Hot Tub Store-Dundas St.

Mississauga Swim SpaWe make it easy for homes in the Greater Toronto Area to have a hot tub in their backyard, by offering the manufacturer with the best value and quality we could find and by offering Factory Direct Prices and Financing Options on Four Winds Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, with No Payments for Six Months.



NashCan Spas offer families in the GTA a variety of hot tubs, accessories and care products, including hot tub covers.  We show a great selection of hot tubs of our favourite Four Winds Spas Hot Tubs, based the best quality and value, aesthetic appeal, recreational, ergonomic and therapeutic design, and the many features and options available including the number of pumps and massage jets sizes to suit a family of 2 to 10.

Click on each link below for a quick view overview of each of the ‘FOUR WINDS SPAS’ Series:

  • Storm-Series-of-Four-Winds-Spas-Hot-Tub.
    Hot Tubs with 1 Pump
    Seats 2 to 6
    Plug ‘N’ Play
  • Tropical-Series-of-Four-Winds-Spas-Hot-Tub.
    Hot Tubs with 1 Pump
    Seats 2 to 7
  • Cyclone-Series-of-Four-Winds-Spas-Hot-Tub.
    Hot Tubs with 2 Pumps
    Seats 3 to 7
  • Typhoon-Series-of-Four-Winds-Spas-Hot-Tub.
    Hot Tubs with 3 Pumps
    Seats 6 to 9


Video-of-Swimspas-by-4Winds-Spas16'-Swimspa-from-Four-Winds-Spas.Swim Spas are perfect for adults and children to cool off in the summer months and enjoy the fun and exercise of a big backyard pool all year round, without all the extra space and maintenance required. Customize the resistance of the river jets to suit your speed of rowing, swimming or aquatic exercise and then relax and enjoy a soothing massage from the strategically placed hot tub jets.

Click on each size of ‘FOUR WINDS’ SWIM SPAS below:

  • Swim Spa - 12 feet long
    Swim Spa: 140” x 90” 55”

  • Swim Spa:168” x 90” x 55”

  • Swim Spa:168” x 90” x 55”
  • 16 ft Swim Spa by Four Winds Spas
    Swim Spa:191” x 90” x 55”


Eco-Conscious-Hottub-CareWe offer an array hot tub and swim spa accessories, including,  hot tub filters, enzyme based spa water treatment systems that keep spa water clean without the use of a lot of chemicals: Spa Marvel and Spa Solution, and properly fitted pre-made and custom made hot tub covers, for maximum heat retention and protection from unwanted objects, kids and pets.

Four_Winds_Spas_Hot Tubs for Relaxation


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